Complete website development service with free hosting and free setup of wordpress themes - all for 39 euros per year

Complete wordpress management. We take care of your website. Servers in Germany, France / EU, Great Britain , USA, Canada, Brazil, Singapore / Asia and Sidney / Australia.

High-performance business servers

Business ANTI DDOS / SSL protected web hosting on five continents eight locations.

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Professional administration of servers and websites from trained IT engineers

Complete maintenance of websites at a price of 39 euros per year.

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Cheapest maintenance services for websites, web stores and copyrighted texts.

Additionally - setting up an online store, Internet marketing, author's writing of texts independently or with the help of hired experts in your language.

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Great timezone location for all EU / USA / Canada clients. We are located in GMT + 1 zone, Belgrade city, Serbia State / Europe.

We provide free support and advice to all EU and USA / Canada clients for FREE within 24 hours per issue.

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Our Portfolio

Self-employed entrepreneurs, artists, salespeople, journalists, news agencies, individuals, small and medium-sized companies.

Business web hosting on five continents for only 39 euros per year.

The cheapest prices for business ANTI DDOS / SSL web hosting in Europe.

Setting up, broadcasting and maintaining professional Wordpress sites for only 39 euros a year.

The cheapest prices for maintaining individual and business Wordpress sites in Europe.

Professional technical assistance and online payment via PayPal.

Working experience over 15+ years.Senior web developers and website administrators.

Our Clients Says

In the last 15 years of work we have helped a huge number of EU and USA Clients.

Cheap and good service. network is one of the very cheap but very experienced team of web designers and web site administrators. My site works flawlessly and my further Clients are delighted with the work that this team based in Belgrade / Serbia has been doing for many years.

Williams Moore

Creative Designer

They saved my life.

From complete anonymity in my city of Ohio / USA network helped me earn 4000 US dollars through their website which they made me in 2018 for only 39 euros. An amazing team of senior experienced IT engineers.

Williams Moore

Creative Designer

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